BIO Erdbeer-Cashew-Aufstrich, ohne Zuckerzusatz



Feel the taste of summer with Strawberry and Cashew spread from Bett'r!

You can eat it with your favorite pancakes, on a slice, cracker or cereal, and why not directly from the jar? Its taste is irresistible, the texture is perfectly creamy, and the aroma is temptingly strawberry.

Bett'r's new Strawberry and Cashew spread is the long-awaited addition to the no-sugar-added cream product line. His recipe is based on cashews and coconut oil, and the sweetness comes from powdered. . .
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15.00 лв
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15.00 лв



Energy, 2480 kJ/598 kcal
Fats, 46.4 g
-of which saturated, 27.9 g
Carbohydrates, 30.8
-of which sugars, 19.7 g
Proteins, 9.5 g
Fiber, 9.9 g
Salt, 0.06 g